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 About Elena Neva

Dr. Elena Neva was a guest lecturer at Columbia University and Harvard University and is author of  The Art of Ancient Jewelers, Tajik Jewelry, The Jewelry of Central Asia, and Ancient Jewelry of the Middle East,  all published in Boston. Dr. Neva holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the Institute of Art in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Elena  also has her television programs, Meeting Interesting People, and Russian Time (in Russian), on TV3 in Medford, Massachusetts.


Positions and Teaching

  • Workshops and teaching in four countries
  • The Boston Language Institute
  • The Boston School of Modern Languages
  • Adjunct Professor of Russian Language and Art History - Bunker Hill Community College
  • Lecturer - Department of Archaeology, Haifa University, Israel
  • Department of Art History - Tajik Academy of Sciences
  • PAX coordinator .Program of Academic Exchange  
  • Teaching piano at home studio, as well as teaching piano in Russia and Israel                                                        


  • Art History and Appreciation
  • Introduction to the Oriental, Hellenistic, and Roman Art and Architecture
  • Art and Architecture is Sassanian Parthia and Persia
  • Introduction to Ancient and Classical Art
  • Ancient Jewelry from Central Asia
  • Archaeology and Art of the Ancient Period in Central Asia
  • History of Jewelry



  • Institute of Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan - Ph.D. in Art History 
  • Moscow State University, Russia - BA/MA in History of Music and Art History Cum Laude 
  • Dushanbe College of Music, Tajikistan - BA in Music Theory, History



  • Selected for inclusion in the Leading Educators of the World 2006, England                    
  • Selected for inclusion in the 7th edition of Who is Who Among America's Teachers  - 2002
  • Selected for inclusion in the 4th edition of Who is Who Among America's Teachers  - 1996
  • Indiana University Grant (Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center) - 1999
  • Member of Circle of Inner Asian Art, London, UK -  1999
  • Member of the Society of Jewelry Historians, London, UK -  1998
  • Member of All-Union Society "Znanie" (Knowledge) - 1987-1990
  • Member of All-Union Oriental Association -  1987-1990


  • The Art of Ancient Jewelers, M Graphics, Publishing, Boston
  • Jewelry of Central Asia, M Graphics Publishing, Boston
  • Tajik Jewelry, M Graphics Publishing, Boston
  • Ancient Jewelry of the Middle East, M Graphics Publishing, Boston


  • Russian
  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Reading and writing French, German, Tajik

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • Dancing - English Country, Scottish, Renaissance, and Vintage
  • Documentary Movies, including "Holy Trinity Monastery" (2009)
  • Photogrophy Semifinalist of The International Library of Photography
  • Published in "Silent Voices" and "A Trip Down Memory Lane"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Amateur Photography - Bronze Medal and Silver Cup from the International Society of Photographers
  • Art Festivals and Exhibits - painting, drawing, sculpture, tiles

Current Projects

  • Creating a brochure on Acquiring a New Language, based on her own method of teaching

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